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Fortællinger fra et liv på vejen

As a wearer of glasses, you know how annoying they can be. As a start you are probably annoyed at the fact that you even need glasses in the first place. They are usually expensive and have heavy frames that slide down your nose. A heavy frame will also leave ugly marks on your nose when you take them off. Maybe you have even tried the bolts and screws falling out of them. It is time to find new and innovative eyewear.

Find inspiration and be creative

It definitely sucks to be far- or nearsighted. But why not make the best of the situation? Choose eyewear that you actually love and a frame that matches your face and proportions perfectly. If you own a pair of glasses that you really like, you will feel much better about yourself when getting ready in the morning. Look for inspiration online if necessary. What would be a nice color for your glasses? Check out the different styles of frames. No face is the same, and your face should get a frame that suits it perfectly. If it is too difficult to find online, try going to a store and try on different kinds of frames. Bring a friend who can tell you what kind of frame fits you.

Scandinavian innovation

Do not be afraid to stand out. The eyes are the first things you see when meeting someone new. Therefore, it would be a bad idea to wear boring glasses that do not fit your facial structure. In Scandinavia, we love to be innovative, and innovative eyewear includes a minimalistic and timeless design. There is no need for redundant details that are not flattering on anyone. Choose a pair of glasses that go with everything but are also exciting and interesting to look at. Maybe you should try 3D printed glasses for your new eyewear. Using a 3D printer, the retailer will design a frame in a style and fit that will be seamlessly suited for your face. The frame itself is made from polyamide powder, making it ultra-lightweight to carry on your nose. No screws are needed, giving the frame a simple and elegant look. The best part is, you get to be a part of the design process. No more choosing from premade frames – this way you can have the exact frame you desire.

Monoqool ApS

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Innovative eyewear