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Fortællinger fra et liv på vejen

We constantly hear worries about the environment and global warming. It is scary, because what can we do to help the planet? Actually, there are several things you can do to help save the environment. You don’t have to have a lot of money to help – just change a few things about your everyday life and you’re well on your way to help save the planet.

Reduce air pollution

One of the subjects we hear a lot about is air pollution. It is a big and global problem that we should try avoiding. You can help reduce air pollution in several ways. When you are not using lights, computers and other electric appliances, you should remember to turn them off. Don’t start the dishwasher or washing machine unless they are full. Try limiting the time spent behind the wheel. Combine errands to save both time, money and gasoline. Consider taking public transportation or carpooling. Do you see what all these tips have in common? Not only do you reduce air pollution, you also save money doing it. It’s a win-win for all parties.

Recycle what you can

Consider recycling at home. This does not have to be a difficult and unmanageable task. Once you make it a habit, it will feel completely natural and you will never want to stop doing it. Try to separate your trash by having several recycling bins. Put them all next to the trash can, so you remember to recycle it when you throw something away. Separate your paper, glass, metal and organics.

Instead of throwing old clothing away, you should consider dropping it off at recycling containers or at a thrift shop.

Think before you buy

Before purchasing stuff, keep the environment in your thoughts. Consider buying organic food when shopping in your supermarket. To help save animals and wildlife, don’t buy real fur. You can get faux fur that will look just the same and save you money.

When buying clothing and furniture, consider the vegan options. You will find several cool vegan shoes when shopping online. Vegan products have not been made of or derived from animals. When buying vegan, no animals have suffered or died in the process of making the product. The next time you buy clothing or shoes for women, try finding vegan options, if you want to help save the animals.

Lola Ramona

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